• Frequently Asked Questions for Live caricatures

    Q: What events are good for a caricaturist?

    A: Almost any event. Ryan can draw caricatures at events such as trade shows, company grand openings, birthday parties, company parties, weddings, birthday parties and much more. FunSketches is popular with any age group at any function where people gather. 

    Q: Will the drawings be colour or black and white? 

    A: Clients usually prefer black and white so more people can be drawn but color is great for small parties if that is what you prefer.

    Q: Do you draw people and make them look funny with big ears and big noses?

    A: No, Ryan draws people with a likeness that customers can take home and have something to remember and cherish.

    Q: How many caricatures can the artist draw in one hour?

    A: Ryan draws on average between 8-12 black and white and approximately 6-9  in color depending on the situation and environment.

    Q: How much do you charge?

    A: We usually charge an hourly rate or daily rate based on the type of event and where the event is located. You can fill out a quick form for a free quote.

    Q. There will be a lot of people at my event, do I need more than one artist?

    A. With a larger budget, hiring more than one artist will provide more drawings of your guests.  Fun Sketches will provide the best live caricaturists available in the Victoria area.  Drawing live is great entertainment and fun to watch for everyone.

    Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

    A: We accept payment by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cheque, money order or Interac e-Transfer.

    Q: How far in advance should I schedule my event?

    A: As soon as possible. Ryan is busy and gets booked very quickly. To ensure your event date, fill out a form with a few details and we will get back to you with a quote ASAP.

    Q: Do you travel outside of Victoria?

    A: Yes we do. Please fill out the contact form with the location, time and date for your event and we will send you a quote ASAP.

    Q: Do I need to provide anything at the event for the artist?

    A: Yes. Each artist will need two chairs and access to an electrical outlet if indoors. For outdoor events we do require a shaded area. The artist will provide their easel, lights, paper and all materials.

    Q: What if I need the artist(s) to stay longer than contracted?

    A: If the artist(s) is able and available, overtime charges will be prorated in ½ hour increments. Overtime must be paid that day or authorized by contact person or authorized personal (signed off).

    Q: Are there any other additional items that you offer?

    A: Yes. We offer plastic protectors, and custom pre-printed paper.